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Extreme Soundproofing

SONOPAN is a 4′ x 8′, 3/4 inch thick eco-friendly soundproofing panel designed to promote peace and harmony with your basement neighbours.


This environmentally friendly panel features cavities of varying dimensions and depths on both sides.


SONOPAN absorbs a wide range of frequencies and significantly reduces the transmission of sound and vibrations from your basement rental unit.

Tips for a Secondary Suite

Tips for a Secondary Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

I have noisy neighbours. What is the first step toward soundproofing my home?

Start by determining the level of soundproofing that you require, and your budget. We offer a wide range of solutions. Our Exceptional Soundproofing solutions, (either SONOPAN or REFLEXOR), are simple, cost-effective solutions for mild noise control. When your noisy neighbours are extreme, use our Extreme Soundproofing solution which combines SONOPAN with REFLEXOR.

How does sound travel between rooms?

Sound transmission paths between two units include both direct transmission through the separating assembly (ex: sound leaks or direct transmission through materials) and flanking transmission through adjacent wall and floor assemblies. It’s crucial to ensure there are no openings between two rooms (seal all openings) and to use materials with different densities to achieve the best soundproofing performance possible.

Are there standards for sound transmission (STC) for walls and ceilings in my Condo/Townhome?

The Canadian Building Code requires a minimum STC level of 50 between units. Check with your condo board to find out if your requirements are higher.

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