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Exceptional Soundproofing

REFLEXOR is a flexible 1.7 mm thick thermo-acoustic membrane for walls and ceilings. REFLEXOR provides a continuous sound barrier, sealing each room with precision. REFLEXOR is often used when space is an issue in a condo project.


Composed of acoustic polyester fibres and a reflective metallic film, REFLEXOR is also a powerful vapour barrier and blocks the transmission of odours, smoke, carbon monoxide, and the development of mould.

Extreme Soundproofing

SONOPAN is a solid, 4’ x 8’, 19 mm thick eco-friendly soundproofing panel.


Our Extreme Soundproofing solution can be obtained by combining SONOPAN with REFLEXOR.


The combination is most easily installed during new construction projects and will result in an extremely quiet living area.

Tips from Developers

Tips from Developers

FAQs: Know Your Legal Responsibilities

What is STC?

STC stands for Sound Transmission Class. It’s a unit used to measure how much sound a listener on the other side of a wall can hear.

  • At 25 STC, normal speech can be heard quite easily and distinctly.
  • At 35 STC, loud speech is audible but not intelligible.
  • At 50 STC, very loud sounds such as musical instruments or stereo can be faintly heard.

Is there a legal requirement for STC?

Yes, the Canadian Building Code requires an STC level of 50 between units in multi-residential construction. A basic wall assembly with drywall and insulation will not reach this minimum requirement.

What is the difference between a decibel (dB) and sound transmission class (STC)?

A decibel (dB) is the unit used to measure the intensity of a sound. Sound transmission class (STC) is a rating of the effectiveness of a material or an assembly to block sound from travelling through it. For example, 50-60dB represents the sound measurement of a normal conversation. A wall with a STC rating of 60 will make it barely possible to hear a loud conversation from the other side.

What is the difference between STC and IIC?

STC (sound transmission class) is the measurement of airborne sound transmission, for example in wall or ceiling assemblies. IIC (impact insulation class) is the measurement of impact sound transmission, for example in floor assemblies.

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